Who Is Your Financial Planning Company?

Gord Hunte started Independent Financial Concepts Inc. in 1997, with a mission of "Providing Solutions for Achieving Financial Freedom". His passion is to educate and coach each client to deepen their understanding of finances so they can be masters of their money, not slaves to it.

Independent Financial Concepts Inc.'s mandate is to position ourselves to have freedom of choice in the strategies we use and the products we recommend, meeting with the compliance requirements of the securities and insurance commissions that we operate under. In keeping with our name, we have made every effort to remove ourselves from having any institutional bias. In other words, our recommendations are not based on limitations placed by an employer because we do not have one. Independent Financial Concepts Inc. does not work for a manufacturer of financial products (e.g. a bank or insurance company). We are able to broker the marketplace of financial products and our recommendations are based on what Independent Financial Concepts Inc. believes to be the best products available, those most suitable for your unique situation.

Independent Financial Concepts Inc. does our own research using multiple sources of information; someone in upper management does not dictate it to them.

Agent/Agency Relationship

Independent Financial Concepts Inc.’s insurance business is contracted through managing general agents directly to the insurance company. We have what is called an agent/agency relationship with them. They do not employ Gord or Independent Financial Concepts Inc.; they provide services and access to products that are made available to you. They are also required to oversee the business that is placed through them to ensure that all transactions are compliant with the insurance laws of the land.

Loyal Client Base

Independent Financial Concepts Inc. has developed a strong and loyal client base of approximately two hundred and seventy five client families. This client base covers a broad spectrum of ages, ranging from children to elders, reflecting Independent Financial Concepts Inc.'s advocacy of multigenerational planning. A well-defined menu of services, allows Independent Financial Concepts Inc. to meet the needs of each client in a cost efficient manner, regardless of the size of their asset base.

Your Money Coach

Gord's desire is for you to see him as your money coach, working with you to improve your life and help you to achieve what is important to you.

Open, Honest Communication and Trust

Relationships will only be successful if there is open, honest communication and trust, something that Gord Hunte and his staff at Independent Financial Concepts Inc. will work hard to earn.