Long Term Care Insurance

Will you outlive your RRSP? Are you looking for a financial planning retirement strategy that allows you to use your RRSP for other things besides a loss of independence? Are you concerned about leaving behind a legacy for your family, charity, church, community, etc?

 Receive an extra or alternative source of income when you need it most!

If you require care due to an illness, accident or diminished physical or mental capacity, Long-Term Care Insurance provides you with a (tax-free) monthly income to help bridge the gap between your personal savings and provincial and private health insurance coverage.

A tax-free monthly benefit payment in the event that you are unable to perform at least two of the six activities of daily living on your own: bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, eating and continence or suffer a cognitive impairment as defined in the policy contract.

  • Benefit eligibility is not dependent on admission into any care facility, nor do you have to obtain receipts for the care received to collect the designated benefit payments.
  • The freedom to use your benefit the way you see fit - receive the type and quality of care you need or use it to replace the lost income of a family member that provides the tender care you deserve.
  • Unique assistance services offer you the advice and guidance of medical and health specialists (at no additional cost) to help you cope with a variety of issues in your daily life.

In the event of a loss of independence, what means most to you?

  • Freedom to select the level of care you can afford?
  • Remaining in the comfort of your own home without being a burden on others?
  • Preserving your assets and retirement savings?
  • Maintaining your standard of living as much as possible?
  • Receiving the necessary, immediate and affordable services?
  • Protecting your family's financial security?