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  Effective programs go beyond basic education. They provide answers and insight to help people get results. A comprehensive approach shows the big picture and then takes individuals through each step of a planning, consultation and implementation process that is specific to their own needs. It promotes a total planning process that utilizes employer programs, personal assets and government entitlements.

As the employer you can choose the ultimate level of services you wish to make accessible to your employees.

Level One: Education

There is more financial information available today than ever before. In fact, the average person is drowning in it. What people really need is direction and insight. They need to understand financial issues and concepts in the context of their own situation and, once those are understood, be given alternative strategies to achieve their own objectives. Prime Approach Retirement Planning [hyperlink to program description] and Plansmart Financial Planning [hyperlink to program description] programs deliver on both counts.

Level Two: Individual Planning and Counsel

In this tier, the employee has an individual financial plan created for them. Our planning process follows the six-step process as outlined by the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning (CIFP). The first four steps are addressed in a written plan - analysis of current situation, defining objectives, identifying potential problems, and making recommendations. Employees are more likely to realize their financial goals if they have a qualified professional help them construct a plan and establish personal strategies.

Level Three: Implementation

Education and tailored planning are basic to helping people reach their own particular objectives. Implementation and Monitoring are the final two steps in the Financial Planning Process. Assistance to implement their personal plans in the most beneficial manner and monitoring their progress is the third level of service we can provide as a complement to education and planning. This relationship continues even after employment and ensures a seamless transition from working life to retirement or from employer to employer.

Customized Program Design

Once the employer's objectives for the program are defined, the appropriate combination of services can be determined. Is the objective to help employees to make informed decisions with respect to investment options in a defined contribution pension plan? Is it an obligation to educate employees entering the ten years before retirement? Are employees who are affected by downsizing and early retirement programs presented with choices they don't feel equipped to make? Perhaps it's just a growing awareness of your company's moral obligation to help its employees help themselves in an uncertain world.

The modular design of our programs will allow us to put together a program that meets the specific needs of your workforce which may complement other resources in a comprehensive program. The specific details of your benefit plans can be incorporated into the modules, helping employees understand the significance of workplace benefits in the context of their own personal strategies.