Estate Planning

 Estate planning is essential for organizing your financial affairs and providing for the well being of those you leave behind. We will work with you to ensure that your estate is used and distributed the way you would like it to be after your death and help you to live in financial freedom until then.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer differs from Estate Planning in that it includes an estate plan but can begin now and the transfer of funds doesn't have to wait until your death. It is about ensuring that all of your wealth is transferred over to another generation.

Business or Farm Succession

There are many different ways to approach farm succession planning. One is to think of it as a process occurring over time during which a family transfers knowledge, skills, labor and ownership of the farm between the retiring generation and the successor. It would include the creation, preservation and transfer of the business assets in order to achieve personal, family and business goals.

There is no single approach that works for all family farm businesses and it is important to understand that the family farm business involves interaction between family members who ultimately will make decisions affecting the farm.

Staying In Control

The only way to stay in control of your future is to plan it. Estate planning is about more than just having a will, it is about the designation of heirs, transfer of assets, determination of control and who has that control today and who would have it if the situation and circumstances were to change. When the issues are addressed and resolved in advance, you remain in the driver's seat and the preservation of your legacy remains in your hands.


Heir planning is one of the major parts of any estate plan, it specifies each heir and the portion of your estate they are to receive. It will also dictate the manner and timing of when and how the heirs are to receive the inheritance. Some heir planning issues that you have to consider include who will be inheriting the estate, whether or not the heirs are to receive equal shares, and how the inheritance is to be dispersed.


Many people choose to give part of their assets to a charitable organization as part of their estate plan, in addition to the goodwill benefits of any charitable giving, there are generally tax advantages to the donor. When developing your estate plan, consider a charitable contribution option, which can help the charity of your choice as well as provide you with potential tax benefits.