Financial Planning

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is the ability to manage ones resources now and in the future to be able to fulfill your core values and vision. This entails operating within your financial means - spending less than you make, getting out of debt and staying out of debt, putting money aside to provide income in future years and allocating surplus assets to create a positive impact on society (i.e inheritance, charitable giving, foundations etc.)

Our Achieving Financial Freedom program is the most comprehensive program we provide. Working very closely with our team of professionals, you will receive an extensive Achieving Financial Freedom plan that includes an integrated strategy of all of the above-mentioned modules plus a goals and values discovery process. It targets much more than the basic financial issues and puts your mind at ease by addressing all concerns related to you Achieving Financial Freedom. Throughout the process we work with you to define and understand your core values and lifetime goals. This becomes the foundation of designing and implementing strategies that help you meet and possibly surpass your goals. By building a solid and lifelong relationship with you, we are able to guide and coach you through the process and help you achieve your lifelong dreams. This program will truly allow you to reach financial freedom.

The Achieving Financial Freedom Process

Step 1: The Discovery Process

We begin by finding out what is important to you and what is not. We want to assess your current situation and determine your goals and vision for the future. This is a thought-provoking process aimed at establishing goals and is the backbone of the overall program.

Step 2: The Strategic Factor - Obstacles or Opportunities

Once we have established your goals and vision, we identify the obstacles and opportunities unique to your situation. These will guide us in developing strategies to overcome those obstacles and capitalize on the opportunities allowing you to achieve Financial Freedom.

Step 3: The Achieving Financial Freedom Plan

This is where we develop a personal financial plan that is tailored to meet your goals and objectives, values, temperament and risk tolerance, while providing you with projections and recommendations. We look at minimizing taxes, suitable investment vehicles and estate planning issues including wills, powers of attorney, estate costs, estate taxes and life insurance. We present the plan to you, along with appropriate options and advice on addressing each issue.

Step 4: Meet The Team

After we have discussed your Achieving Financial Freedom plan, it is essential to begin implementing it immediately. Here, we begin by identifying the key action steps required and move on to developing the team that you will work with to achieve your goals.

Step 5: Set In Motion

Implementing the Achieving Financial Freedom plan is, by far, the most crucial part of the program. It is also the part of the program that requires the most work, but you will not do it alone. We will work with you step-by-step all the way through to help you achieve or possibly surpass your goals. We will continue to meet regularly to review your progress and to identify the next step required. It is an ongoing process that we are committed to being a part of.

Step 6: Watching The Gauges

We will periodically meet to monitor and evaluate whether your plan is helping you progress toward your goals. At that time, adjustments may be made to the recommendations due to a change in life circumstances, changing tax laws or any other economic changes.